Jojoz Reiki Magick


As a Reiki Master Teacher, I am qualified to teach and share with others. the ancient healing art of reiki.

Reiki One

We learn the five Reiki principles, hand positions and you will receive your Reiki One Attunement.  With Reiki One you can use your reiki art to heal yourself and other close friends and family members.

Reiki Two

This is the practitioner level, we learn the ancient Reiki symbols and their purpose.  We study distance healing and become Reiki Two Attuned.  Reiki Two will enable you to practice your art professionally if you so wish.

Reiki Three Master Teacher,

When you receive your level 3 attunement, you can share your knowledge with others. Healing awareness will expand, as you are now a reiki master. 

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Healing, Shamanic Practitioner

I am a shamanic practitioner, having learned the ways of the shaman to help others in many ways. I can journey to meet power animals, take back your power.

Soul Retrieval enables you to move forward in your life. Other therapies are available, please contact Jojoz for advice on treatment.

I am also an active member of the RASA the Reiki and Seichem Association. Reiki is the use of universal energy for healing.

Seichem/Sekhem combines Reiki and all of the elements, for a fully holistic energy experience.  

Crystal healing

Crystals are a huge passion of mine, I like to study the healing abilities of each crystal and incorporate them into my practice. I work intuitively be it with crystals, singing bowls, drums, etc. to ensure a bespoke therapy. 

Massage Therapist

Having qualified as a massage therapist in 1988 I returned to the practice to offer it alongside my other healing therapies. 

I have added to and built my massage skills to a level where I am able to offer a bespoke service for each individual client. Massage is also combined with aromatherapy or hot stones for a deeper more effective treatment.